Hybrid Integrated

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Hybrid Integrated 1Hybrid Integrated 2Hybrid Integrated 3

Kitchen faucet IR with single lever mixer and with hydraulic unit HU20 (for electronic mode)

single lever mixer with ceramic cartridge combined with electronic Interface (IR sensor or other), electronic and hydraulic circuit are combined and the mode needs to be switched manually (electronic circuit only works with cartridge in open positon)

Mechanical function: Mechanical controlled volume and temperature through single lever handle (like normal single lever faucet - even functions during failure of power supply or due to empty battery)

Electronic function: IR-sensor (or alternative other electronic control) controlled volume with temperature adjustment through single lever handle in closed position (without volume control)

Product features:
· customer specific design
· brass spout hub: in contact with water (lead free on request)
· zamak faucet housing: separated water line (in copper or plastic pipe)
· integrated electronic Interface with buttons/sensors and/or illuminated elements in combination with electronic temperature mixing
· IR-sensor in standby mode with latching detection (ON-Function) and then switching to object detection during water flow
· with or without pull-out spray

Realizing customer specific products in different ways of cooperation:
· Aquis manufactures and supplies boxed product to partner
· partner supplies components (like spout) to Aquis and Aquis manufactures and supplies boxed products to partner
· Aquis supplies components and partner assembles final product

Products and/or components are assembled, tested and packed. Tooling costs and costs for development and industrialization depend on the way of cooperation.