Electr. Exposed Shower Faucets

Electr. Exposed Shower Faucets 1
Electr. Exposed Shower Faucets 1

Electronic Exposed Shower Faucets

Shower panels IR-sensor/piezo, with thermostat, with/without bypass for thermal disinfection

Product features:
· customer specific design
· housing: chrome
· 1 or 2 solenoid valve(s) for showering or showering incl. thermal disinfection
· dummy as preparation of the retrofit of 2nd solenoid valve (for thermal disinfection)

Options with extra charge:
· external, watertight battery box (with lithium battery 6V)
· mains supply with concealed transformer
· alternative power supply (mains supply, ganging installation...)
· electronic with additional features and communication possibilities (see enclosed description)
· IR-Sensor or Piezo
· Wireless Combox

Realizing customer specific products in different ways of cooperation:
· Aquis manufactures and supplies boxed product to partner
· partner supplies components (like spout) to Aquis and Aquis manufactures and supplies boxed products to partner
· Aquis supplies components and partner assembles final product

Products and/or components are assembled, tested and packed. Tooling costs and costs for development and industrialization depend on the way of cooperation.