Fully Electronic

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Fully Electronic 1Fully Electronic 2Fully Electronic 3

Washbasin / kitchen faucet with electronic interface and electronic hydraulic unit HU11

Electronic HMI (electronic swivel button or other electronic control like IR-sensor, joy-stick, …) with electronically controlled hydraulic unit HU11 (with electronic mixing and volume control)

Electronic function: IR-sensor (or alternative other electronic control) controlled volume with temperature adjustment through single lever handle in closed position (without volume control)

Product features:
· customer specific design
· brass faucet housing: in contact with water (lead free on request)
· zamak faucet housing: separated water way (in copper or plastic pipe)
· integrated electronic interface with buttons/sensors and/or illuminated elements in combination with electronic temperature mixing

Options with extra charge:
· temperature mixing and volume control via IR-sensors (small/middle/long distance), via piezo/capacitance button, via touch-screen or via handle/swivel button with electronic temperature mixing
· light elements in combination with IR long-detection
· light elements as temperature indication
· electronic scalding security with additional temperature sensor
· with pop-up rod and waste (depending on design)

Realizing customer specific products in different ways of cooperation:
· Aquis manufactures and supplies boxed product to partner
· partner supplies components (like spout) to Aquis and Aquis manufactures and supplies boxed products to partner
· Aquis supplies components and partner assembles final product

Products and/or components are assembled, tested and packed. Tooling costs and costs for development and industrialization depend on the way of cooperation.